Silog Fiesta

Served with egg (any way), Garlic rice and pico de gallo
160.00235.00 Select options

Huevos Rancheros

2 fried egg, beans,tomato salsa,hashbrown,jalapeno,corn tortilla
285.00 Add to cart

Steak and Egg

Tenderloin steak,mexicana rice,fried egg,pico de gallo
395.00 Add to cart

Loco Moco

Classic burger patty,mexicana rice,fried egg,brown gravy
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Omelette Your Way

Served with toast
260.00 Select options

Mariachi’s Grand Slam

Toast,sausage,bacon,hashbrown,2 egg any way,pico de gallo
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Build Your Own Burrito (B.Y.O.B)

Minimum of 5 items Choice how you want your burrito:as a bowl or warp.
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Casa Especial

Mexican Bulalo

Stewed beef shank in tomato paprika consomme potatoes,cabagge,corn
580.00 Add to cart

Spicy Gambas Al Ajillo

Spanish style garlic shrimps & green chilli in spicy paprika olive oil served with garlic tortilla
430.00 Add to cart

Calamari Fritos

Deep fried squid rings with chipotle mayo
350.00 Add to cart

La Cantina Burger

Classic burger patty,bacon,jalapeno cheese sauce,tomato,lettuce,onion
440.00 Add to cart

Taco Salad

Red cabbage,beans tomato,white onion,corn tortilla,cashew dressing.
410.00 Add to cart

Red Bean Chili Soup

Red beans, chili, carrots, celery, tomato,
215.00 Add to cart

Mexican Street Elote Soup

Sweet corn,feta cheese,clantro in a tomato paprika beef consomme
195.00 Add to cart

Tres Amigos Salad

Lettuce,tomato olives,white onion,mango on tortilla basket,honey vinaigrette
330.00 Add to cart

Chipotle Wings

5pcs fried chicken wings coated in chipotle butter sauce served with mango salsa
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Whitefish Leche de Tigre

Gatch of the day ceviche in a cilantro,lime and green potato vinaigrette
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Comida Mexicana


Black beans,bell papper,white onions,mexican rice,salsa verde
360.00420.00 Select options


Stewed beef filled tortilla seared in its own oil, Served with dipping consomme
480.00 Add to cart


3pc Flat Hard shell tortilla,cabbage,jalapeño,cucumber,sour cream,cheese,guacamole (Seasonal),Pico De Gallo
430.00460.00 Select options


Crispy pork belly served with jalapeño mango salsa or guacamole (Seasonal)
350.00 Add to cart


Classic chili con carne, lettuce,cheese,salsa
350.00 Add to cart


Sizzling plate served with our homemade tortillas & our house salsa
360.00390.00 Select options


Our All-time best seller crispy & mountwatering
360.00420.00 Select options


Seared homemade tortilla fillet with your choice
210.00310.00 Select options


Fried homemade tortillas with meat and cheese drizzled with sauce
360.00390.00 Select options

Tres Amigos Tortilla Combo

1 Hard Shell Beef Taco, 1 Soft Taco with Chicken, 1 Soft Taco with Shrimp. Served with our…
420.00 Add to cart


Fresh Fruit/Nutella Crepe

Served with vanilla ice cream
280.00 Add to cart

Mango Tres Leches Flan

Full cream,condensed and evaporated milk custed flan with mango caramel sauce
190.00 Add to cart

Mexican Fried Ice Cream

Cornflakes,graham and cinnamon crusted vanilla ice cream,chocolate drizzle
280.00 Add to cart

Fresh Fruit Platter

Fresh slices of mango,watermelon,pineapple,banana
320.00 Add to cart

Churros Con Chocolate

Fried choux pastry served with a rich dark chocolate sauce
280.00 Add to cart


Fish Taco

390.00 Add to cart


Mexican slow cooked pulled pork
390.00 Add to cart

Piña Al Pastor

Pineapple,citrus and herb marinated porkloin
380.00 Add to cart


Abuela style mexican beef
400.00 Add to cart


Chicken breast served with onions, cilantro & lime
400.00 Add to cart

Shrimp Taco

Premium shrimp served with onions, cilantro & lime
390.00 Add to cart

Vegie Taco

Mushroom fajita, lettuce
390.00 Add to cart

Vegan Menu

Vegan Enchaladas with salsa verde

Zucchini, black beans, Mexican rice bell pepper, white onion, red cabbage and cashew dressing
426.00 Add to cart

Ultimate Vegan Nachos

Nacho chips, jalapeño, bell peppers, cucumber tomato, red onion, red cabbage with and cashew dressing & salsa verde.
426.00 Add to cart

Vegan Chimichanga

Mexican rice, bell pepper, sweet potato, red beans & topped with cashew dressing
437.00 Add to cart


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