All Day Breakfast

Hawaiian Spamsilog

pineapple fried rice, spam, fried egg and assorted pickles
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Pancake and Waffle

served with butter, syrup and strawberry compote.
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Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs on top of soft brioche, topped with hollandaise sauce.
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3 eggs omelette served with frilled bready, butter and strawberry compote.
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Western Breakfast

served with grilled bread, butter and strawberry compote, 2 eggs cooked to your liking
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Daing na Bangus with Longganisa

Daning na Bangus with longganisa served with garlic rice, 2 eggs cooked to your liking, pickled vegetables.
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Bangus with Egg

Bangus served with garlic rice; two eggs cooked to your liking, pickled vegetables
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Hawaiian Spam with Egg

Hawaiian spam served with garlic rice, two eggs cooked to your liking, pickled vegetables
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Spam with Longganisa

Spam with longganisa served with garlic rice, two eggs cooked to your liking, pickled vegetables
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Spam with Egg

Spam served with garlic rice; two eggs cooked to your liking, pickled vegetables
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Tocino with Salted Egg

Tocino with salted egg served with garlic rice, two eggs cooked to your liking, pickled vegetables
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Tocino with Egg

Tocino served with garlic rice, two eggs cooked to your liking, pickled vegetables.
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Tapa with Egg

Tapa served with garlic rice, two eggs cooked to your liking, pickled vegetables
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Spam Fries

spiced then deep fried in all its goodness, served with fries and sriracha mayo
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Chicken Wings

brined and fried tosses with the flavor of your choice
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Fish and Chips

beer battered fish fillet with english chips served with tartar sauce and spiced vinegar
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Wagyu Beef Skewers

wagyu beef cubes kebabs lathered with teriyaki sauce
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cuttlefish rings dipped in our signature batter then deep fried to perfection
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local green chillis filled with cheese and ground beef then deep fried
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Angus Beef Salpicao

995.001,100.00 Select options

Almejas Marinara

Fresh clams cooks in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and white wine served with garlic bread
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Tuna Spring Roll

pan fried for a crispy exterior and a cool sashimi like middle, served with wasabi mayo
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Tacio’s Fat Fingers

deep fried mozzarella logs with our home-made salsa and spiced ground beef
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Chicken Poppers

Deep fried crispy boneless chicken bites
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Gambas Al Ajillo

Prawns with extra virgin oil, garlic and chili, served with grilled bread.
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per bottle
790.005,820.00 Select options


per bottle
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per bottle
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per bottle
1,430.002,665.00 Select options

Carlos 1

brandy . per bottle
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Blended Whisky

per bottle
1,815.004,355.00 Select options


per botlle
2,130.002,180.00 Select options


per bottle
1,865.007,260.00 Select options

White Wine

per bottle
765.001,270.00 Select options

Red Wine

per bottle
835.00955.00 Select options


Ice Blended

215.00270.00 Select options

Cold Coffee

100.00250.00 Select options

Hot Coffee

70.00195.00 Select options


Bat-Angus Porter House Steak

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Bat-Angus T-Bone Steak

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Tacios Burger

4 inches of savory goodness. Smashed burger patty, house cured bacon, bone marrow caramelized onion, tomato and lettuce.
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Paella Cubana

saffron rice, baked with an assortment of toppings with our special broth.
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Salmon Fillet

topped with garlic yogurt, cheese and honey. Served with Rice and side salad.
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Baby Back Ribs

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Pork Belly

marinated in our home made barbecue sauce, served with rice and side salad
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Cajun Chicken Breast

Cajun spiced chicken breast for a bit of zing.
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Steak & Eggs

Pan seared CAB Prime grade striploin to your likeness served with poached egg, on top of kimchi fried…
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Certified Angus Beef Prime Grande

grilled to your likeness, topped with cafe de paris butter.
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Fresh Section

Fresh Green Salad

a vegan delight mixed greens, pickled veggies and cherry tomato confit tossed in raspberry vinaigrette
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Kamatis and Keso

grilled mozzarella with tomato confit, tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette then topped with balsamic reduction
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Honey Mustard

crisp greens with pickled veggies, tossed in a sweet and tangy dressing served with shrimp or tuna
250.00340.00 Select options

Ceasar salad

classic ceasar salad dressing on crisp romaine lettuce, grilled crouton, and shaved parmesan serves with chicken or tuna
300.00350.00 Select options

Keto Poke

classic Caesar salad dressing on crisp romaine lettuce, grilled croutons and shaved parmesan served with tuna and salmon
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Grilled Chicken on Pesto Cream Sauce

grilled cajun chicken on top of linguine in basil and cream sauce
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Hog Duet Mac and Cheese

an American classic mixed with our house cured bacon, topped with crispy pork ribs.
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Fruti Du Mare

Mixed seafood in our homemade tomato sauce
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egg, parmigiano Reggiano and black pepper makes the creamiest pasta dish
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Slaw braised ground beef in tomatoes and wine on top of fresh paprdelle
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Seafood and Pesto

cream and pesto sauce-based pizza topped with fresh off the market seafood
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Quattro Formaggi

four cheese pizza
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Our take on this Greek favorite with spinach and feta
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a controversial favorite farmers hama nd pineapple
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a classic favorite of fresh mozzarella, basil and olive oil on our home-made tomato sauce
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classic simple flavors of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese
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grilled tortilla with cheese, meat, peppers and onions
280.00340.00 Select options


Jalisco style Taco served with a spicy and savory broth
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Street Tacos

served with our signature salsa, garlic, sauce and hot sauce
160.00270.00 Select options

Tacio’s Nacho

homemade chips, ground beef and signature salsa
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