Pepito Ternera

Sliced beef , bell pepper , tomatoes , onion & cheese in panono
625.90 Add to cart

Mojo Cubanos

shredded pork , ham , swiss cheese & pickles in panini
658.90 Add to cart

Spanish burger

grilled pork tenderloin , ham , cheese , mustard & pickle
636.90 Add to cart


Chicken Burrito

Chicken lettuce tomatoes cheese
680.90 Add to cart

Shrimp Burrito

Shrimp lettuce tomatoes cheese
735.90 Add to cart

Beef Burrito

ground beef lettuce , tomatoes cheese
691.90 Add to cart

Potato Burrito

egg potato tomatoes cheese lettuce
636.90 Add to cart

Egg and Bacon Burrito

Egg , Bacon , Cheese , tomatoes , lettuce
669.90 Add to cart

Chicken Dish

Country Fried Chicken Steak

breaded chicken breast with béchamel sauce , buttered vegetables & potatoes
812.90 Add to cart

Pollo Asado ala Parilla Ensartado con Tomate Cebollla y paprika

skewered grilled chicken with tomatoes onion & bell pepper
592.90 Select options

Pollo al Ajilo

garlic chicken
592.90 Select options

Pollo Frito

fried chicken
548.90 Select options

Polly al Curry De Madrid

Chicken curry of Madrid
592.90 Select options


Arroz con Bistec y Patatas Fritas

white rice with beef steak & French fries
781.00 Add to cart

Ropa Vieja

Shredded beef onion garlic tomato sauce & wine cooked in olive oil
834.90 Add to cart

Cuban Sandwich

grilled pork tenderloin , ham, cheese , mustard & pickle
548.90 Add to cart

Filipino Favorites

Pork Chop BBQ

317.90 Select options

Pancit Bihon

sautéed noodles with chicken and veggies
295.90 Select options

Chicken BBQ

306.90 Select options


330.00 Select options


328.90438.90 Select options

Rice Meals

229.00 Select options


259.00 Select options

Sizzling Beef Sisisg

with plain rice
363.00 Add to cart

Chicken BBQ

with plain rice
239.00 Add to cart


chicken rice soup
219.00 Add to cart


Served with rice
229.00235.00 Select options


Beef , fried rice & egg
451.00 Add to cart


Pork chop , fried rice & egg
328.90 Add to cart


Pork sausage , fried ice & egg
295.90 Add to cart


Hot dog , fried rice & egg
275.00 Add to cart


Fish , fried rice & egg
286.00 Add to cart

Grilled Carnes


grilled mixed seafood
1,890.90 Add to cart


grilled lamb chops and potatoes
2,237.30 Add to cart

FELETA de Carne de VACA

cubed beef tenderloin sautéed in garlic and olive oil
1,424.50 Add to cart


grilled lamb chops and potatoes
1,494.90 Add to cart

Prenderero Mignon Steak

premium beef tenderloin and bacon served with mashed potatoes or fries & mixed vegetables.
1,831.504,268.00 Select options



with black beans
790.90 Select options


lettuce , tomatoes cheddar cheese , tortilla chips & sour cream
790.90 Select options


with lettuce , tomatoes & cheddar cheese
680.90 Select options


beef chicken and black beans
647.90 Add to cart


beef , chicken & black beans
768.90 Add to cart

Chili con Carne

Sauteed round beef in garlic , onions , bellpepper & tomato sauce
724.90 Add to cart

Sizzling Fajita Combo

Choice of 2 fillings
922.90 Select options


bell pepper , tomatoes & tortilla
900.90 Select options

Mexican Favorites


317.90330.00 Select options


352.00374.00 Select options


352.00361.90 Select options


341.00361.90 Select options

Ole Platter's

Seafood Platter

1,890.90 Add to cart

Mexican Platter

taco , quesadilla , nachos , burrito & enchilada
1,626.90 Add to cart

Ole Special Grilled Combination

US , Australian , Brazilian Filet Mingon Tenderloin steak (300grams) Australian Rack Lambs (3pcs ) , Hungarian Sausages…
5,036.90 Add to cart


Paella Negra De Mariscos

black squid ink rice with prawns , shrimp , squid mussels , clam , fish fillet and vegetables
1,494.90 Select options

Paella Bogavante

lobster , seafoods vegetables
1,626.90 Select options

Paella Mixta

pork chicken Spanish sausage seafoods & vegetables
1,615.90 Select options

Paella Valenciana

Valenchana rice with chicken , seafoods and vegetables por egg and ham
1,494.90 Select options

Paella Negra

black squid ink rice with shrimp , chicken , pork , squid , ham , vegetables mussels and…
1,494.90 Select options

Pescado Y Mariscos

Zarzuela de Mariscos

squid , shrimp , mussels . clams & fish fillet in tomato sauce
1,362.90 Select options


grilled poached salmon , potatoes and choice of sides
1,164.90 Select options

Gambas con las setas ,la leche,la harina y el vino

prawns with mushroom , milk , flour, mustard & wine
988.90 Add to cart

Gambas y Fritadas asadas ala parilla

grilled prawns and fries
988.90 Add to cart


Shrimp & Pasta Salad

Cold angel hair lettuce and shrimp
592.90 Add to cart

Ensalada Del Cesar

lettuce bacon parmesan cheese & Cesar dressing
592.90 Add to cart

Ensalada Mixta

lettuce tomatoes cucumber bell pepper onions & tuna flakes
493.90 Add to cart

Ensalada Verde

mixed green salad
537.90 Add to cart

Ensalada de ole

lettuce , ham , cheese , bell pepper , onions , tomatoes egg and cucumber
537.90 Add to cart


Sopa de Albondigas Con Vegetables

meatball soup with vegetables
495.00 Read more

Sopa de Tortilla

chicken , tortillas tomatoes onions garlic & special spices
493.90 Add to cart

Sopa de Juliana

smoked pork slices , garbanzos noodles
493.90 Add to cart

Sopa de Cocido

smoked pork slices , garbanzos noodles
385.00 Read more

Sopa de Mariscos

seafood soup in tomato sauce
493.90 Add to cart

Sopa de Ajo

garlic soup
493.90 Add to cart


Espaguetis de OLE

shrimp , lemon butter in garlic sauce
724.90 Add to cart

Espaguetis de Putanesca

tomatoes olive oil anchovies olives capers & garlic
647.90 Add to cart

Espaguetis & Meatballs

white rice with beef and steak & French fries
636.90 Add to cart

Espaguetis de Pollo

chicken & vegetables in tomato sauce
647.90 Add to cart

Espaguetis Bolonesa

ground beef in red tomato sauce
680.90 Add to cart

Espaguetis marinera

mixed seafoods in white sauce
812.90 Add to cart

Spanish Cold Tapas

Tabla Jamon Chorizo y Queso

mixed spanish jamon serrano , manchego cheese & chorsizo pamplona
725.00 Select options

Tabla de Chorizo

sliced chorizo pamplona
845.90 Select options

Tabla de Manchego

smoked dry spanish jamon serrano
944.90 Select options

Tabla ole Special

chorizo sardines olives asparagus , jamon serrano spanish machego cheese & salami
1,131.90 Select options

Tabla de Jamon Serrano

smoked dry span spanish jamon serrano
845.90 Select options

Tabla de Salchichon

Spanish Salami
790.90 Select options

Spanish Hot Tapas

Calameres Ala Romano

breaded sliced squid
625.90 Add to cart

Calameres Ala Plancha

pan fried sliced squid in olive oil
625.90 Add to cart

Chorizo frito

pan fried Spanish chorizo
691.90 Add to cart

Patata Ala Casona

fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce
515.90 Add to cart

Croquetas de Pollo

breaded & shredded Chicken
581.90 Add to cart

Mejillones al Horno

baked mussels with garlic parmesan cheese & bacon bits
495.00 Add to cart

Gambas al Ajillo

pan fried shrimp in olive oil
691.90 Add to cart

Champinon al Ajillo

pan-fried mushrooms in olive with chili & garlic
537.90 Add to cart


meatballs in red wine tomato sauce
625.90 Add to cart


Tortilla De Gambas

shrimp and eggs
647.90 Add to cart

Tortilla de Patatas

Potatoes and egg
537.90 Add to cart

Tortilla e Paisana

eggs, mushroom , ham , bell pepper , bacon and chorizo
647.90 Add to cart

Vegetables Dishes

Vegetable Burger

Finely chopped mixed vegetables tofu & aioli sauce( lemon, garlic , mayo)
504.90 Add to cart

Stir Fry with tofu

tofu , onions , broccoli , pepper , garlic nuts & bean sprout
504.90 Add to cart


herb & garlic grilled eggplant with Spanish seasoning
471.90 Add to cart

Spanish Pisto

potatoes , pepper, garlic , mixed vegetables tomato sauce with seasoning
470.00 Read more

Guisado Garbanzos Ajo chili y Pimiento vegetable Cerdes

green vegetables , chickpeas , garlic chili & pepper stew
504.90 Add to cart


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