Watermelon Salad

grilled watermelon / lettuce / roasted tomato dressing / feta cheese / balsamic glaze
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Mackarel / calamansi / Shallots / green chili
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Ensaladang Talong Dip

grilled eggplant / tomatoes / onion / cilantro / crackers / onion / olive oil
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Asian Barbecue Wings

chicken wings / spicy gochujang sauce / aioli
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Baby squid / garlic / calamansi aioli
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Nalka Fries

Shoestring fries / spice mix / salted egg aioli
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Coconut Squash crabs 100grams

roasted pumpkin puree / coconut milk
395.00 Add to cart

Galic Butter crabs 100grams

melted butter / toasted garlic
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Sweet chili crabs 100grams

Chili / hoisin / tomato sauce
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Gochujang Tuna Belly BBQ

sautted greens, gochujang bbq sauce
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Bulgogi Pares

braised beef and tendon, sesame oil, sesame seed, scallions
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Kim Cheese Salmon

mozzarella, cheddar, kimchi gochujang
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Ginataang Gulay

squash puree, vegetables
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Shrimp Gambas

tomato sauce, bisque, olive oil
590.00 Add to cart

Grilled Pulpo

octopus, bisque aioli, soy reduction
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Baby Squid in Olive Oil

chili fingers, red onion, garlic
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Grilled Mahi Mahi

lime cream sauce, sauteed water spinach toyomansi glaze
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Lechong Baka

short plate, beef jus, house vinegar
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Crispy Pork Sisig

Pork mask & belly / liver gravy / chicharron / egg
290.00520.00 Select options

Chicken Inasal Skewers

lemongrass marinate / toyomansi / annatto oil
235.00395.00 Select options

Nalka Kare – Kare

crispy pork belly / peanut sauce / shrimp paste
290.00550.00 Select options

Grilled Tuna

Yellow fin / kangkong crumbs / ensalada
310.00550.00 Select options

Grilled Mackarel

Tanigue / pineapple salsa / soy glaze
300.00545.00 Select options

Aklan Adobo Wings

Ginger / annatto / chili finger’s
215.00355.00 Select options

Nalka Pakbet

Squash puree/ shrimp paste / vegetables
345.00 Add to cart

Crispy Pork Ribs

squash puree / toyomansi
495.00 Add to cart

Grilled Squid

Salsa / toyomansi glaze
550.00 Add to cart

Cheesy Roast Beef Caldereta

beef roasted in tomato / cheese / fries
615.00 Add to cart

Seafood Kare Kare

Clams / mussels / shrimp / baby squid
605.00 Add to cart


Motoyaki Oysters

miso paste, lime mayo, mirin
230.00450.00 Select options

Kim Cheese Oysters

kimchi, mozzarella, cheddar
250.00490.00 Select options

Garlic and Soy Oysters

shallots, garlic, confit, sesame oil
230.00450.00 Select options

Kare Kare Aligue Oysters

peanut sauce, crab fat, shrimp paste
235.00460.00 Select options

Sisig Oysters

fried oysters /chicharron /egg
490.00 Add to cart

Mayonesa Oysters

Tabasco / Worcestershire / bacon
250.00490.00 Select options

Rockefeller Oysters

breadcrumbs / water spinach / gargonzola
250.00490.00 Select options

Gratin Oysters

cheddar / mozzarella / compound butter
250.00490.00 Select options

Kinilaw Oysters

raw oysters / calamansi dressing / salsa
195.00380.00 Select options

Grilled Oysters

House vinegar / annatto oil
185.00360.00 Select options


Garlic butter Prawns ( 100grams )

Minced garlic / melted butter
395.00 Add to cart

Sinigang sa Batwan ( 100grams )

Sour mangosteen broth / vegetables
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Gambas Prawns ( 100grams )

chili garlic olive oil / tomato paste
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Grilled Prawns ( 100grams )

Mango salsa / bisque butter
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Halaan Soup

Clams / seafood broth / ginger / chili leaves
200.00375.00 Select options

Pumpkin & Coconut Soup

roasted pumpkin puree / long brans coconut broth
205.00395.00 Select options

Shrimp Bisque Sinigang

Shrimp / tamarind broth water spinach / pickled radish
310.00605.00 Select options


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