3. Desserts


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Family Size

Todo Solb Pecho

w/Haft Palabok and Rice
222.00247.00 Select options

Todo Solb Paa

w/Haft Palabok and Rice
198.00223.00 Select options

Pecho Large (PM2)

171.00196.00 Select options

Paa Large (PM 1)

Mang Inasal Paa large (PM1) 146
147.00172.00 Select options

Fiesta Bundles


Mang Inasal Fiesta Bundles

Fiesta Bundles comes with Drinks
524.001,201.00 Select options

Ihaw Sarap Savers

Chicken Sisig

115.00140.00 Select options

Bangus Sisig

138.00163.00 Select options

Chicken Inasal Regular

115.00140.00 Select options

Ihaw Sarap To Go

Chicken Sisig

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Bangus Sisig

350.00 Add to cart


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Paa & Pecho

302.00581.00 Select options


271.00542.00 Select options


Soy Sauce

Chicken Inasal Special Sauce
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Chicken Oil

Chicken Inasal Oil Sauce
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