Fattoush Salad

levantine salad made from fries pieces of flatbread combined with lettuce cucumber, onion, tomatoes bell pepper topped with…
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Tabbouleh Salad

levantine salad made finely chopped parsley, mint, tomatoes, and onions with lemon juice,olive oil and salt
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Tangy yoghurt w/ finely chopped cucumber, fresh mint & olive oil.
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Char-grilled aubergine, tomato,garlic & Moroccan spices.
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Morroccan Olive Tapanade

Black Kalamata Olive Paste with Harissa
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Baba Ghanouj

Rich Smoked Aubergine and Tahini
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Chickpeas , Tahini , Roasted Garlic , Lemon , Olive Oil Puree
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layered pastry dessert made opf filo filled with mixed nuts and sweeten with spiced infused syrup topped with…
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Salted Caramel Cheesecake

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Fresh seasonal fruit

with home made yogurt
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Lahmacun (Lamb) Doner

Grilled ground lamb, sauteed in tomatoes, garlic, onion with red cabbage and cilantro in home made yogurt sauce
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Zucchini Chips

Deep fry zucchini chips, drench in semolina flour and garlic mayo dip
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Toamto puree with onion, parsley, cilantro, and spices topped with sunny side up eggs.
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Moroccan Wrap

with hummus, homemade tahini and lemon garlic sauces with crunchy salad
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Kasbar Mezze

Humus, Labnah, Zalook, Batata Harah, Falafel, Harissa, Chicken wings and Moroccan Cigars, Curry tahini with pita bread and…
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Calamari Rings

Marinated squid in garlic, lemon juice deep-fry
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Spicy Chicken Wings

– 4 pcs Chicken wings marinated in fresh ginger, herbs and lemon.
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Morrocan Cigars

Golden fried elegant homemade pastry cigars 
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Falafel (5pcs)

Fried medallions of minced broad beans, chickpeas, onions, leek, garlic, coriander & herbs, topped with sesame seeds.
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Beef Cube Skewer

Grilled marinated beef cubes on skewers- with onion, red & green peppers served with rice and mixed salad
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Chermoula Fish Kebabs ( Mahi-Mahi )

Grilled cubes of Mahi-Mahi with olive oil, lemon juice, served with tahini sauce or garlic sauce, with rice…
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Kofta Skewer

Grilled, minced beef mixed with parsley, chopped onion and traditional spices served with rice and mixed salad
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Tiger Prawns

Grilled chicken cubes with onion, red & green peppers, marinated in herb garlic sauce served with rice and…
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Shish Taouk ( Chicken )

Grilled chicken cubes with onion, red & green peppers, marinated in herb garlic sauce served with rice and…
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Vegetable Kebab

Mix of seasonal vegetable marinated in Moroccan spices.
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Breaded Meatballs

Comes with fried potatoes
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Filipino Style Spaghetti

Pasta cooked with sausages in tomato sauce
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Fish and Chips

Grilled marinated Fillet Mahi-Mahi
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Chicken Nuggets

Deep fried tender breaded chicken fillet
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Seafood Tagine

Freshly caught mahi mahi , mussels , tiger prawns & squid all sautĂ©ed in Moroccan tomato sauce with…
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Vegetable Tagine

A hearty selection of favorite vegetables, cooked together in spiced Moroccan herb sauce.
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Chicken Tagine

Half a chicken, slow cooked with ras el hanout spices , olives & preserved lemons
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Lamb Tagine

Typically Moroccan , Lamb on the bone stew, flavored with prunes and almonds
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Plain Rice

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Butter Rice

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Basmati Rice

Basmati rice w/ turmeric, saffron and cardamom
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Cous Cous

Fluffy steamed semolina
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Golden fried potato wedges
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Pita Bread 1pc

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Chicken Soup

Selection of traditional North African soups, served with Arabian bread.
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Vegan Soup

Selection of traditional North African soups, served with Arabian bread.
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