Basque Burnt Cheesecake

cheesecake in the basque style
350.00 Add to cart

Fruit Platter

fresh tropical fruits in season
400.00 Add to cart

Brownies with Ice Cream

homestyle brownies a la mode
300.00 Add to cart

Apple Pie

granny’s homestyle apple pie with ice cream on the side
360.00 Add to cart

From the Grill

Salmon Steak

fillet of salmon served with cous cous salad
1,100.00 Add to cart

Surf and Turf

pork ribs prawns served with cous cous salad
1,100.00 Add to cart

Beef Kebab

two succulent sticks of tender beef with
1,450.00 Add to cart

Dragon Bones

flaming beef ribs fit for a dragon slayer
1,800.00 Add to cart

Rib Eye Steak

free rage Brazilian beef of the best quality
2,450.00 Add to cart


free range Brazilian beef of the best quality
2,450.00 Add to cart


free range Brazilian beef of the best quality
1,800.00 Add to cart

Dark and Stormy Ribs

baby back ribs with our special island sauce and sides
780.001,570.00 Select options

Main Dishes

Thai Green Curry

chicken in a spicy green curry sauce
450.00 Add to cart

Steak Sanga

thinly sluiced steak in this heart sandwich
800.00 Add to cart

Club Sandwhich

ham, bacon, chicken salad in a sandwich with fries
400.00 Add to cart

Mac N’ Cheese

baked macaroni with ooey gooey cheese
450.00 Add to cart


penne pasta with bacon in a creamy egg sauce
400.00 Add to cart

Seafood Linguini

linguini with clams, mussels and fish in marinara sauce
600.00 Add to cart


spaghetti with fresh clams
600.00 Add to cart

Spaghetti Bombolini

Spaghetti with meatballs and fried cheese bits
480.00 Add to cart

Eggplant Parmigiana

breaded eggplant baked in tomato and mozarella cheese
450.00 Add to cart

Shepherds Pie

baked beef mince with a topping of mashed potato
580.00 Add to cart

Witches Cauldron Prawns

succulent prawns cooked in coconut milk and butter
650.00 Add to cart

Roasted Chicken

classic comfort chickken with sides
450.001,200.00 Select options

Hobbit Beef Stew

our signature hearty beef stew
550.00 Add to cart

Bangers and Mash

British sausages and mash potato
680.00 Add to cart

Fish and Chips

crispy tanigue fried in batter to perfection with fries
450.00 Add to cart

Crispy Pata

crispiest pork shoulder with sides
1,540.00 Add to cart

D’Shire Burger

four super duper fully loaded burger with fries
650.00 Add to cart


Grilled Mixed Seafood

fresh wild bounty of the sea
1,200.00 Add to cart


Mexican sizzling plate served with pita, cheese, sour cream, guac and pico de gallo
1,400.00 Select options


tender bites of beef in garlic sauce with rice
760.00 Add to cart

Chicken Steak

grilled chicken steak with java rice
450.00 Add to cart

Tofu Curry

fried tofu in our Japanese curry sauce with rice
450.00 Add to cart

Sizzling Beef Steak

thinly sliced tenderloin marinated in soy-kalamansi with rice
450.00 Add to cart

Katsu Curry

fried chicken fillet in our Japanese curry sauce with rice
450.00 Add to cart


shrimp in our signature garlic sauce served with java rice
480.00 Add to cart

Bulgogi Kimchi Rice

thinly sliced sweet and spicy Korean beef topped with kimchi rice
520.00 Add to cart

Soups and Salad

Chicken Buffalo Salad

salad with buffalo chicken fillet and blue cheese dressing
450.00 Add to cart

Ceasar Salad

traditional caesar salad with quail eggs
400.00 Add to cart

Garden Salad

fresh garden salad with fried feta cheese
550.00 Add to cart

Beef Goulash

hungarian beef stew
550.00 Add to cart

Pumpkin Soup

pumpkin soup topped
400.00 Add to cart

Fresh Onion Soup

piping hot onion soup topped with mozzarella
450.00 Add to cart

Clam Chowder

creamy fresh clams New England style with bread bowl
450.00 Add to cart



crunchy mini tacos
580.00 Add to cart

Prawns in Blanket

grilled prawns wrapped in bacon
550.00 Add to cart

Calamares del Mar

crispy fresh squid rings
450.00 Add to cart

Tuna Tartare

sushi grade tuna with aioli and crispy flat bread
580.00 Add to cart

Appetizer Platter

bacon onion rings, chicken lollipops and cheesy quesadillas
1,350.00 Add to cart

Buffalo Wings

chicken wings smothered in sauce with blue cheese dressing
400.00 Add to cart

Crab Cakes

freshly picked crab meat fried to perfection
1,650.00 Add to cart

Chili con Carne

spice up your life with this spicy beef and bean classic
460.00 Add to cart


fully loaded nachos served with guac and pico de gallo
460.00 Add to cart

Pop Up Roxas Oysters

495.00990.00 Select options

Beef Cheese Balls

beef potato and cheese croquette with barbeque sauce
420.00 Add to cart


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