Shogayaki Don

Thinly sliced Pork cooked with soy sauce, mirin, and ginger. Served on a bed of Rice
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Salmon Don

Kombu cured salmon with spring onions, edamame and Salmon roe on a bed of nori Rice
400.00 Add to cart


Panko-crumbled Pork with a sweet and savoury sauce placed on top of a bed of rice ride
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Oyaku Don

Chicken, Egg sliced scallion in a sweet savoury broth served with Rice
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Large Bites

Japanese Salad

Seasonal Vegetables, Greens, Bonito, Flakes, Soft Tufo and Egg with a sesame dressing
350.00 Add to cart

Oyster Aburi

Miso baked Aklan Oysters
250.00 Add to cart

Omu Rice

Creamy Japanese Omelette oveer fried Rice
250.00 Add to cart


Japanese style pasta made with, bacon,bell peppers, and tomato
280.00 Add to cart

Cold Soba with Broth

Cold buckwheat noodles served with warm pork broth for dipping
250.00 Add to cart

Yaki Soba

Japanese stir-fried noodles with Chicken and vegetables in a shoyu sauce
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Small Plates

Chicken Karaage

Deep Fried Chicken with Japanese mayo on the side
220.00 Add to cart


Japanese deep-fried croquette, filled with mashed potato and ham, served with Japanese mayo on the side. 4pcs per…
150.00 Add to cart

Ebi Fry

Japanese crumbled and deep-fried shrimp served with egg tartare on the side
350.00 Add to cart

Beef Tongue

Tender Beef Tongue grilled and deep fried with a pepper steak sauce
90.00 Add to cart


Rice balls stuffed with different fillings. Choices of: Salmon/Japanese Plum(V)
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Nori Tomagoyaki

Japanese Omelette which is made by rolling together several layers of fried beaten eggs with nori
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Japanese omelette which is made by rolling together several layers of fried beaten Eggs
120.00 Add to cart

Potato Salad

Japanese take on the classic Potato salad
90.00 Add to cart


Steamed soybeans with Togarasha salt
100.00 Add to cart

Miso Soup

Japanese soup made of dashi stock. With seaweed
80.00 Add to cart


Uzura Tamago(V)

Grilled Qual Egg
70.00 Add to cart


Juicy Pork Belly
90.00 Add to cart

Bacon wrapped Cheesee

Cheddar & Mozzarella wrapped in bacon
90.00 Add to cart

Shitake Mushroom(V)

Grilled Mushroom filled with umami flavor
90.00 Add to cart

Tomato (V)

Char grilled Juicy Cherry Tomatoes
90.00 Add to cart

Buta tomato

Cherry Tomatoes wrapped in bacon
90.00 Add to cart


Creamy Chicken Liver
70.00 Add to cart


Tender Chicken Heart
70.00 Add to cart


Chicken balls with seasoning
90.00 Add to cart


90.00 Add to cart


Juicy Chicken skin slow grilled
70.00 Add to cart


Tender Chicken high Slow Grilled
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